Self-cancelling turn signal relay.
Do you always forget to switch off your turn signals?
This can lead to dangerous situations... a thing of the past with Plynkie!
Suitable for 6V, 12V and 24V vehicles that were not originally equipped with turn signals, or vehicles that do not have a mechanical way to turn off the switch: car, truck, tractor, motorcycle, etc.

·     Turn signal automatically stops after +/-45 seconds if you forget to turn off your switch

·     Always the legal flashing frequency:

  • independent of battery voltage
  • wattage lights
  • with or without a trailer
  • incandescent lamps, LED or combinations

·     Extra connection for emergency flashing of both left and right turn signal lamps without a time limit, can be used without having to switch on the ignition

·     Extra connection for a indicator light or buzzer

·     Easy installation

Reglie MNE 6V

6V Motorcycle dynamo regulator

For dynamo with common ground field coil, 12V version also available. Ask for more details.

Reglie CNE 6V/12V 40A Willy's MB / Ford GPW / M201

Electronic dynamo regulator as replacement for the Autolite type B (negative ground) as used in jeeps Willy’s MB/Ford GPW/M201/…

The REGLIE CNE fits in the original housing of the mechanic regulator, this way the authentic look remains.